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AjamajA  Live at Hideaway’s Hamburg, NY 12/19/2015- Set 1- We Wish You A Merry Christmas*->  Let It Rock^, When I Paint My Masterpiece%-> Bring Me Around-> Perceptions Of Reality-> Cities#, Rojo, Avalanche+-> Crosseyed & Painless#-> Making Flippy Floppy#-> Life During Wartime#-> Psycho Killer#-> Dying Man-> First Tube~, Wanita’s Cantina Set 2- Path Train-> Pork City, Simple Life->  Meet Ann Taters, Run To The Mountain, Sweater Contest, Bertha?, Ella-Fint+, Tangled Up In Blue%, Downtown, Dark Star?, Gunther[…]

AjamajA  Live at Nietzsche’s Buffalo, NY 11/27/2015- Set- Bring Me Around*, Perception’s Of Reality-> Pork City, Rojo*, Path Train-> Crosseyed & Painless^-> Gunther The Sabertooth Encore- Dying Man Show Notes- *- First Time Played Original w/ Jay On Drums ^- First Time Played Talking Heads Cover

AjamajA  Live at Carpe Noctem Fest Lehighton, PA 10/17/2015- Set- Funky Bitch*, Simple Life, Meet Ann Taters, Run To The Mountain, Pork City-> Let It Rock^, Dark Star (v1)#-> Dying Man-> Dark Star (v2)#, Gunther The Sabertooth Show Notes- – Entire show with Ezra Meyer from Erthan on second guitar, and backup vocals. *- Son Seals Cover ^- Chuck Berry Cover[…]

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